Total Environment Learning To Fly Floor Plans

Learning To Fly By Total Environment Floor Plans of 3 and 4 Bedroom Apartments located at JP Nagar Bangalore. C25 Floor Plans are Placed in Circular apartments at 4 Corner each which is a 3-bedroom simplex  Homes with a reference Saleable area of 3103 sft and Built Up Area of 2367 Sft. T35 Plans are located at the Linear tower that comprises 4-bedroom simplex apartments which will have a Reference Saleable area of 5249 sft and Built Up Area 3982 Sft.

All Total Environment learning to fly floor plans are smartly designed, Apartments planned in this project are designed such that spaces created are both functional and aesthetic. Both the external design and internal aspects have been planned with our core philosophy of integration with nature in mind. Apartments have terrace gardens into which living spaces open or have views. 

Total Environment Learning To Fly Floor Plans 4 BHK

With a lush picturesque terrace garden, our T35 homes bring you closer to nature. A spacious entrance foyer leads to a large living – dining space opening into the large terrace garden, along with a well segregated dry and wet kitchen. The private spaces of the home – the bedrooms are clubbed together and located away from the main living spaces.

The master bedroom has a spacious walk-in closet and a luxurious bathroom which also opens out to the terrace garden. All of this, with the flexibility of several possible walling and layout options. Enhancing the palette of natural materials, the main living spaces are rendered with Italian marble flooring and bedrooms with kota flooring. Customized cabinetry in natural wood veneer adds to the warmth of these homes.

Total Environment Learning To Fly Floor Plans - 3 Bedroom

The C25 home is designed as a simple “L” in Total Environment learning to fly floor plan, with 4 such homes placed back to back, forming a “plus” shape in a block. This unique layout coupled with large glass panels, offers clear unobstructed views of the outside, from every room and at the same time opening out onto a landscaped terrace garden placed inside the L. The gardens run in alternate directions on alternate floors, for the required natural light. An entrance foyer leads to the living and dining space. 

The open kitchen and L shaped living dining space provides a sense spaciousness, but is still intimately wrapped around the garden. The kitchen opens out to a useful utility space and a generous service platform beyond the utility space can accommodate equipment such as AC and heat pumps. These homes are available in our Green, Blue or Purple specifications.